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Exam 70-646: Windows Server 2008 , Server Administrator

Quay về mục lục học MCSA

Planning for server deployment (15–20%)

·         Plan server installations and upgrades
o    Windows Server 2008 edition selection; rollback planning; Bitlocker implementation requirements
·         Plan for automated server deployment
o    Standard server image; automation and scheduling of server deployments
·         Plan infrastructure services server roles
o    Address assignment; name resolution; network access control; directory services; application services; certificate services
·         Plan application servers and services
o    Virtualization server planning; availability, resilience, and accessibility
·         Plan file and print server roles
o    Access permissions; storage quotas; replication; indexing; file storage policy; availability; printer publishing
Preparation resources

Planning for server management (20–25%)

·         Plan server management strategies
o    Remote administration; remote desktop; server management technologies; Server Manager and ServerManagerCMD; delegation policies and procedures
·         Plan for delegated administration
o    Delegate authority; delegate Active Directory objects; application management
·         Plan and implement group policy strategy
o    GPO management; GPO backup and recovery; group policy troubleshooting; group policy planning
Preparation resources
·         Server Manager step-by-step guide: Scenarios
(bản Tiếng Việt) 
·         Delegating authority in Active Directory
(bản Tiếng Việt)
·         Group policy planning and deployment guide
(bản Tiếng Việt)

Monitoring and maintaining servers (20–25%)

·         Implement patch management strategy
o    Operating system patch level maintenance; Windows Server Update Services (WSUS); application patch level maintenance
·         Monitor servers for performance evaluation and optimization
o    Server and service monitoring; optimization; event management; trending and baseline analysis
·         Monitor and maintain security and policies
o    Remote access; monitor and maintain NPAS; network access, server security, firewall rules, and policies; authentication and authorization; data security; auditing
Preparation resources
·         Server security policy management in Windows Server 2008
(bản Tiếng Việt)

Planning application and data provisioning (15–20%)

·         Provision applications
o    Presentation virtualization; terminal server infrastructure; resource allocation; application virtualization alternatives; application deployment; System Center Configuration Manager
·         Provision data
o    Shared resources; offline data access
Preparation resources
·         Presentation virtualization with enhanced terminal services
(bản Tiếng Việt)
·         Terminal services and Windows System Resource Manager
(bản Tiếng Việt)

Planning for business continuity and high availability (15–20%)

·         Plan storage
o    Storage solutions; storage management
·         Plan high availability
o    Service redundancy; service availability
·         Plan for backup and recovery
o    Data recovery strategy; server recovery strategy; directory service recovery strategy; object level recovery
Preparation resources
·         Windows Server 2008—File and storage solutions
(bản Tiếng Việt)
·         Windows Server 2008 high availability program
(bản Tiếng Việt)
·         Backup and recovery overview for Windows Server 2008
(bản Tiếng Việt)

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